A Former Videgame Developer's view on Tech + Media + Fine Arts


on December 23, 2011

Hi there! Thanks for taking time to visit Youngspeak, an opinion blog on all things that intersects technology, media and occasionally – fine art.

Now a little bit about myself – I am currently a second year business school student studying at NYU Stern, majoring in entertainment, media and technology. Prior to school, I was a game developer on product teams that developed and launched console franchises such as Bioshock and Homefront. In summary, it was really a lot of fun.

However, after a few year, I wanted to broaden my perspective, learn a bit about how the business side works and see what other opportunities are out there. Thus, in 2010 I made the decision to enroll at NYU Stern, a program known for the strength of its Entertainment, Media and Technology (EMT) program.

Now in my second year, I can honestly say Stern has delivered beyond my highest expectations. Not only am I getting new nuggets of wisdom from my professors and classmates on a daily basis, but the strength of the Stern program has opened doors to a variety of opportunities in the EMT chain. For instance, this summer I interned at an investment bank, where I helped to advise on and structure transactions for fortune 100 tech companies, and got to see the critical role that banking plays in the EMT sector. Further, this fall, I am interning at a tech start-up, as well as a investment fund that provide specialty financing for lower-to-middle market players in the entertainment and media sectors.

In short, a tremendously robust experience that is fully worth the admittedly rich price of tuition!!

Wow I got carried away there! Didn’t mean to give the life story, but thanks for staying with me…


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